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Avery Real Grass And Killer Weed Layout Blind Camo Kits Product Catalogue

Avery Real Grass this stuff is absolutely incredible!

Perfect for boat blinds, pit tops and duck blinds, RealGrass mats can also be used to camo your deer stand as well create the most effective ground blind you've ever seen. 

Each mat is hand woven from slow-dried palm leaves, and the exclusive "double-woven/double-knotted" backing creates the most durable grass mat ever produced commercially. Each mat weighs approximately 25% more than any other commercial grass mat on the market. 


KillerWeed Concealment Kits

The most effective concealment ever available! KillerWeed is made from natural grasses that are dyed to match actual environmental conditions and then mixed together to create the most efficient and effective camo blind material ever. Unbelievably durable and weather resistant, KillerWeed is the perfect camo cover for deer stands, duck blinds and layout ground blinds. Three different kits to fit just about any need.

Layout Blind Kit (2 lbs.): Will fully conceal any full-frame layout style ground blind including Finishers, Migrators, Eliminators and Top Guns. Will conceal up to two (2) Power Hunters and X-Landers.

Avery Real Grass Mid-Season Tan £125.00