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Patternmaster Shooting Sports Series Anaconda Clay Pigeon Chokes Beretta HP A400 12ga Product Catalogue

Our engineers and machinists understand more about manipulating gases, wads, powder and shot than anybody in the world. Also, we have all these U.S. patents just laying around in the summer-time. So we figured-Let’s use 'em and build the world's best clays tubes - and the result is the Anaconda Shooting Sports Series features our patented Coil Zone™ technology. We hope you enjoy wearing out the competition as much as we did building and testing these animals!
12ga Beretta Opt HP A 400 'SSS' Trap Long £85.00 12ga Beretta Opt HP A 400 'SSS' Skeet £85.00 12ga Beretta Opt HP A 400 'SSS' Sporting £85.00 12ga Beretta Opt HP A400 'SSS' Trap Mid £85.00