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Avery/GHG Duck Decoys Product Catalogue


Greenhead Gear® started in 2000 offering a product line of decoy bags, decoy accessories and bulk camouflage material. Then we asked ourselves a serious question: Is there room in the industry for new duck and goose decoys? Our answer was a resounding yes! By recruiting World Champion carvers from around the country to execute our vision, the most realistic decoys on the market emerged, and have led the industry since.


The backbone of our growth, and our greatest resource, is our people. We are a family of hunters who take our time in the field and product development very seriously. Products are tested against the primary goals of functionality, durability and practicality. Before any new product is brought to the market, it undergoes extensive and unforgiving field trials in all varieties of environments. Every angle is scrutinized in ensuring a finished product worthy of the most intense level of hunting.


In addition to in-house product testing, Greenhead Gear® is committed to the valued feedback of our customers. From ideas and survey opinions posted on our forum, to product feedback gathered by Pro-Staffers, we rely upon this information to make sure your hunting essentials are accommodated. We know that your time afield is very valuable to you, which is why we are committed to bringing you the best quality gear for the best price available. Remember, we are hunters, too, and demand the same thing as you from equipment. Trust Greenhead Gear® for all your hunting needs, and thank you for giving us the chance to be part of your memories in the field!



Avery / GHG Pro Grade Blue Bills 6 Pack £86.00 Avery / GHG Pro Grade Gadwall 6 Pack £80.00 Avery / GHG Pro Grade Mallard Sleeper-Rester 6 Pack £86.00 Avery / GHG Pro Grade Mallard Surface Feeder 6 Pack £86.00
Avery / GHG Pro Grade Mallards Harvester Pack 12 Decoys £170.00 Avery / GHG Pro Grade Mallards Harvester Pack 12 Decoys with " Drake Flocked Heads" £195.00 Avery /GHG Swimmer-Chaser Motion Kit Combo with 2 Duck Decoys £65.50 Avery /GHG Swimmer-Chaser Motion Kit for Duck Decoys £46.75
Avery Duck Decoy Gaff £46.00 Avery/ GHG Pro Grade Green-Winged Teal Early Season Hens 6 Pack £59.50 Avery/GHG Life -Size Series Blue Bills Duck Decoys 3 pack £37.50 Avery/GHG Life -Size Series Blue Bills Duck Decoys 6 Pack £65.00
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