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Avery Sporting Dog Product Catalogue

Avery Sporting Dog has developed training birds for all breeds and sizes of sporting dogs. Whether you have a Springer, a shorthair, or a Chessie, we have the training bird for you.

EZ Bird 
The "Easy Bird" is designed for serious trainers who require a bird that's just a little smaller than the real thing. This "EZB" is designed for younger dogs, smaller breeds and those that are just looking for an easy way to have some fun with their dogs.

Avery® True Bird™ - ATB 
The Avery True Bird™ is a carbon copy of the mature species it's designed to represent. It is specifically designed for the trainer that will use his dog to pick up the real thing in or testing scenarios. With real bird weight and feel it's the best training bird every designed. The ATB is available in Mallard, Pheasant, SRS Pheasant Flasher, SRS Mallard Flasher, Green Wing Teal and a SRS Teal Flasher.


The first training bumper innovation in years! The Hexa Bumper's design eliminates many of the disadvantages of traditional round bumpers and holds up to the daily routines of pro trainers!

• Six flat sides for easier hold 
• Raised VGrips promote superior hold 
• Valveless design will never take on water 
• Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency 
• Flasher produces hi-vis strobe effect 
• Throw rope included 
• 2" & 3" diameter models 
• Pro-Pack includes Black, Orange, Flasher and 3 White

Avery True Bird Green Winged Teal EZ £25.00